I drew these a while ago (immediately after the premiere of Arcade Mania) , I was entertaining the idea that the Gem’s cartoony proportions were actually literal and not stylizations and how that would look juxtaposed with ‘more realistic’ people, mixed with the fact that they aren’t humans, all in the style of propaganda posters. 

Assorted Morton koopa reaction images, based of the Sadfrog/Feels good meme derived from Boy’s Club comic. I did the lineart, some kind anons did the color. 

Dicking around with binary tool 

Dicking around with binary tool 

A couple drawthread requests

BONUS ROUND. (Bottom is Smash Bros Wish list)

More pics 4 U

Uploading some Misc pictures I did over the last few months.

Helped make a mosaic with /v/. Did that panel. Yes, that one.